Beckett & Taylor – (Wood For The Fire)

On our 5th Anniversary we are proud to present our tenth release.

(Wood For The Fire) is released on May 11th 2009 in vinyl and digital flavours.

Pitchfork review:

“…their beats sound more ingenious than ever. They’re odd, roly-poly things, the result of pairing chance clatter with the obstinate time-keeping of drum machines; they collapse and expand like a bellows filled with pebbles, while crotchety analog synths poke at the soft underbelly of it all.”

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Beckett & Taylor surface from the wilderness once more, taking control of the mic for the 10th transmission in their inimitable Hand on the Plow series. The duo raise the bar again, their trademark soundclash of bold rhythms is richer, leaner and more inventive than ever.
These three heavy cuts are underpinned with tough Techno, House and Dancehall grooves that are guaranteed to rock discerning soundsystems. But listen again the morning after and you’ll find lush landscapes, both real and virtual, for the headphone hermits to get lost in.

Wood For The Fire was clearly wrought in a raging furnace of competing influences, the finished piece is undeniably British in it’s form and character. The angry mob of vocals conjures up memories of The Clash and The Specials, influences resonating deep in Beckett & Taylor’s respective London and Coventry upbringings. The duos distinctive style foregrounds their countless sound sources, painstakingly gathered, assembled and reinterpreted over many years; While this release is no exception there is a big leap in confidence and refinement here. These songs manage to revel in their dense palette without compromising the groove.

Smash is a re-imagined version of a track originally released on Matthew Herbert’s Soundslike label in 2005, which never delivered it’s full potential as far as B&T were concerned. With Smash the duo’s constantly spiralling style has finally wrapped back round to the dancefloor promise of their acclaimed debut release Work. This is a stripped down, tightly crafted acidic jacker which coalesces into a haunting and psychedelic g-funk lament. The sense of restraint in the original is finally released as the melancholy spirit of Detroit Techno comes gushing out the pores.

Last but not least Plow stalwart Spandex delivers a clangerous and lush house remix of Wood For The Fire, energised by an exotic dub bass which woozily wraps itself round a dynamic folk tinged shuffle.

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