Spandex – (What’s Wrong With You)

Hand on the Plow are back with the new release from Spandex.
(What’s Wrong With You) – HOTP005 will be released on November 13th 2006.

Continuing from his success on Cristian Vogel’s Sleep Debt label Spandex dusts off his glad rags and once again pimps his wares for Hand on the Plow.

Spandex has a knack of turning lazy mumbling into the funkiest dancefloor tracks out there. What’s Wrong With You does this brilliantly with burbling soul and stuttered blues funk, all wrapped up in his skintight production secrets.

This is house music for the educated tart. Spandex manages to squeeze so much slutty funk into this one track that it is at risk of overflowing at times. Get your cups out.

Marauding concludes the A side with an elastic twang of electro funk. More neurotic than his more familiar dancing tramp sound, this track shows that Spandex is comfortable in more than one style. He’s comfortable in two.

Too Tight begins and ends the B side with a knickerless tupenny whore of a techno track. Spandex slaps on more make up and slags it up for this amazing end to an astonishing release.

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